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To us, a headshot is more than just a photo of your face. A headshot is your brand, your personality, and often your first impression to important people. It should communicate key characteristics about you without the use of words. It should capture an expression of confidence, approachability, and trustworthiness with a high quality photograph that will make people want to meet you and work with you. The quality of your headshot and how you appear in it will directly impact how people perceive you before they even meet you, so don't settle for a quick snapshot in bad lighting; give your best first impression with a professional headshot.


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With our headshots, you will stand out among the crowd with a dynamic, professional image. We take a simplistic and elegantly modern approach to headshot photography, avoiding traditional poses and outdated painted backdrops. We work one-on-one with you to help you look and feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera, even if you hate to have your picture taken. We have a team of professional makeup artists and retouchers to help you look your best. We keep up to date with the latest photography techniques, and we have studied the psychology behind headshots, body language, facial expressions, style, and perception.

If you are in need of your first headshot or an updated headshot, contact us today to invest in one you can be proud of. We offer both studio and location sessions for individuals, groups, and entire companies.

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“Donald and his team are extremely professional, a true pleasure to work with and deliver way above expectations.”
— Marcel Roche
“Donald is a gifted photographer that understands the customer’s needs. I highly recommend his services!”
— Steve Cabouli
"Donald understood exactly what I was looking for and provided excellent results at a great price."
Jocelyn S.

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