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What are your prices?

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How Do I Book A Headshot Session?

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Click here to request an estimate for group sessions or custom jobs.

You can also call us at (619)618-8003 or click here to email us.


Do you offer discounts for groups?

Absolutely! We have special rates for groups that offer significantly lower rates per person than if those individuals were to book individual sessions for themselves. Our group sessions are billed as a base rate, plus a price per person. The more individuals in a group, the lower the price per person. See our pricing page for more information or click here to request an quote.  


Do you offer military discounts

Absolutely. As a veteran myself, I appreciate military and veteran discounts, and I gladly offer a 10% discount for all active and prior military with ID.


When Will I Receive My Photos?

Within 24 hours of your session, we email you a link to download and view the unretouched proofs online. You review the proofs and email us a list of the image numbers for the images you want us to retouch along with any special instructions you have for retouching. Retouching turnaround is 3-5 business days for individual sessions and may be slightly longer for group sessions. If you need your images retouched immediately, we do offer same day and next day turnaround for an additional fee.


How Many Clothing Changes (Looks) Are Allowed?

We appreciate variety and we know that you will too when picking your photos, so we recommend bringing a couple outfits. We don't limit the number of looks during a session; however, keep in mind there is a time limit on the session, so too many clothing changes will reduce the amount of time to take photos and the amount of photos we take. We recommend no more than 4 looks during the 1 hour session.


What Should I Wear?  How do I prepare?  What should I bring?

Preparing yourself and your clothes is the most important thing you can do look your best for your headshot. Click here to view our Headshot Preparation and Styling Guide.


What Hair And Makeup Options Are Available?

We offer two hair and makeup options, Basic for $99 and Full for $199.

The basic hair and makeup option is recommended for all men as well as women who want light natural makeup and basic hair styling. The makeup application is intended to balance out your skin tone and eliminate shine so your face looks clean, fresh, awake, and you look your best under our lights. The stylist will also smooth out frizz and flyaways on your hair and provide hair and makeup touchups throughout your session.

The full hair and makeup option includes everything in the basic option plus more beauty oriented makeup, such as foundation, concealer, blush and bronzer, eyeshadow, eyebrow shaping, and contouring, as well as full hairstyling, which includes blowouts, curls, straightening, etc.

Our stylists will not wash, cut, or color your hair or provide any salon services. Please arrive with clean hair ready to be styled; however, try not shampoo your the day of your session as this will make your hair more difficult to style.

If you have special requests not covered by these two options or if you have any hair and makeup questions, please contact us.


Can You Remove Blemishes On My Face?

Yes. We will remove non-permanent blemishes such as pimples, shaving cuts, dry skin, and unwanted hairs in our retouching process. We can remove permanent features such as moles, wrinkles, rosacea, and acne by request only. For best results, and especially if you have a skin condition or blemishes that you want to covered up, we recommend booking one of our professional make up artists for your session. 


do you only shoot on a gray backdrop? what other backdrop options do you have?

Gray is the best possible backdrop for modern corporate headshots. It's a versatile neutral tone that does not distract from you the subject, and it will match well with most clothing. We adjust the backdrop light to control the brightness and gradient to compliment what you wear. We occasionally do headshots on white backgrounds, which makes for a bright, fresh, and casual look and feel.

In studio, we can create backgrounds from black to white and any shade of gray in between. We can add color to the background, but it's not recommended for professional headshots. 

For a natural backdrop, we offer location headshot sessions where we can hold your session at an indoor or outdoor location of your choice, or we can replace the background in retouching with an image you are licensed to use and provide us, like a purchased stock image.


Do You Offer Weekend Sessions?

Yes. We can book sessions on weekends; however our availability is limited. You can see our weekend availability when you book your appointment online, or contact us for options.


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